Gumuz’s People Democratic Movement was behind latest attacks in Sedal District of Benishangul- Gumuz Regional State – Police

Mereja Media

The Benishangul- Gumuz Regional State Police Commission said the Gumuz’s People Democratic Movement (GPDM) has been behind the latest attacks in Sedal District of the regional state.

The State’s Deputy Police Commissioner Misganaw Enjuafata told BBC Amharic Service that the rebel GPDM fully took control of Diza town of Sedal district.

The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission Wednesday in a statement said armed men took full control of Sedal district and killed several civilians.

The deputy commissioner said the rebel GPDM has been operating in the region since some years now and it launched the latest attack with the support of those young people who who were living there and recruited by itself.

The commissioner recalled that the rebel force had killed a police commander and three other civilians in Mersho locality, about 25 kilometers east of Ethio-Sudanese border three days ago.

The deputy police commissioner said the local security force could not withstand the attack by the rebel force which was well armed and outnumbered the local force.

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