OLF set up fortification in Mai Angetam Deseret to launch attacks against residents in Gozamen district – Office

Mereja Media

The rebel Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) set up fortification in Mai Angetam Deseret, the Gozamen District Communication Office has announced warning it could launch another round of attacks against the people of Amhara in the district.

The office in a statement said members of the assassin OLF are gathering in neighboring district in Oromia Chimit, Mai and Angetam Deseret after they crossed Moye overpass.

The office said the assassin members of OLF have been receiving military training and inspecting the in and out of the district warning that the killing group could launch the heinous attacks against the district’s residents any time in the future.

The Gozamen District Communication Office also warned that the assassin OLF/Shene has been preparing to repeat the ethnic based attacks it carried out in Ataye, Guraferda, east and west Wellega, Horu Gudru, Amaro and other zones of Oromia regional state.

The office alerted the residents who were requested to collaborate with the security forces in the district. According to the office, a copy of the statement has been dispatched to the concerned government offices to avoid the imminent danger.

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