Protesters in Amhara Regional State have burnt photos of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in expressions of anger against his leadership

Mereja Media

Protesters in some cities in Amhara Regional State have burnt photos of Prime Minister and Nobel Peace Prize winner Abiy Ahmed in expressions of their anger against his leadership.

The protesters blamed Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed for failing to stop the string of targeted attacks against ethnic Amhara people in Oromia region.

The protesters labeled him as a member of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) which has allegedly been held responsible for the unfolding killing of ethnic Amharas since he came to power in April 2018.

Some protesters also carried banners blaming PM Abiy Ahmed for the June 22 assassinations of senior regional officials including the President Ambachew Mekonnen and the regional attorney general Migbaru Kebede.

On Sunday, the opposition National Movement of Amhara (NAMA) issued a statement accusing Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of aiding “OLF/Shene” rebels. NAMA also labeled the attacks as “state sponsored terrorism” against the Amharas.

The protesters also carried a banner which read as “Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed was behind the Amhara genocide and he must face charges at international court.”

The prime minister, who is himself Oromo, has been accused of ignoring the killings of ethnic Amharas or failing to give recognition.

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