No force will stop Ethiopia from its journey toward prosperity – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (video)

Mereja Media

No force will stop Ethiopia from its journey toward prosperity, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said while inaugurating Information Network Security Agency’s (INSA) new headquarters building in Addis Ababa.

“Ethiopia will be a prosperous country after beating all security challenges involving in ethnic and religious based clashes which are claiming the lives of civilians. We will overcome all these challenges and ensure the territorial integrity of Ethiopia and unity of its people. There will not be any force which will stop us from realizing the prosperity of Ethiopia,” Abiy said.

The new building, which contains six blocks of 14 and 17-storey edifices, was built at a cost of 2.1 billion birr on 7,550 square meters of land in the capital Addis Ababa around Wello Sefer.

The new INSA headquarters also houses the Ministry of Peace, Artificial Intelligence Center and Financial Intelligence Center offices.Video

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