Outlawed TPLF does not exist as political party but it is regrouping for guerrilla warfare – Ethiopian Major General (video)

Mereja Media

The outlawed Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) does not exist as a political party but it is regrouping for guerrilla warfare, Ethiopia’s Major General has said.
In a briefing on Wednesday, Indoctrination Director-General of the Ethiopian army Mohammed Tessema said TPLF’s strong economy with which it attempted to destabilize Ethiopia had been knocked down in November last year by the National Defense Forces of Ethiopia.

“When we say TPLF does not exist because there is no region it governs nor has people it administers,” he added.

The Major General also dismissed allegation that the Ethiopian army killed unarmed men in Tigray as  “ a drama and complete fabrication,” Video:

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