Ethiopia says Egypt and Sudan undermine AU mediation to drag the GERD negotiation indefinitely (video)

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Ethiopia said Egypt and Sudan have undermined the AU mediation on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) in intent to drag the negotiation indefinitely.

In a briefing on Wednesday, Minister of Water, Irrigation and Energy Engineer Seleshi Bekele said Egypt and Sudan’s attempt to undermine the AU-led negotiation on GERD is unacceptable.

His remark came after the meetings between Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan in the Congolese capital of Kinshasa, which aimed to re-launch deadlocked negotiations over the disputed Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) concluded with no progress due to persisting differences.

Ethiopia had refused to accept a recent Sudanese proposal to invite international mediators to resolve the 10-year-old dispute.

He said a lot of time has been wasted due to ill strategy pursued by Cairo and Khartoum to delay the negotiations. The proposal tabled to remove South Africa from an observer role was one of the moves of belittling the AU’s role to resolve the disagreement.

During the talks in Kinshasa, the two countries followed an approach that seeks to undermine the AU-led process and to take the matter out of the African platform, he said. video:

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