Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed says security forces are conducting joint operations to clear out mercenaries engaged in the execution of civilians (video)

Mereja Media

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said the National Defense Forces and Federal Police are currently conducting joint operations in eight fronts to clear out those mercenaries engaged in the execution of civilians.

His remark came after at least 186 civilians, largely children, women and the elderly were killed by the rebel forces in an ethnically motivated attack in Bone locality, Gambel District, West Wellega zone in the restive Oromia region.

He blamed external forces who aspire to see a failed Ethiopia through instigating violence and conflict between the two largest ethnic groups in Ethiopia.

He called for unity among all Ethiopians and support to the National Defense Forces to end mass killings in western and northern Ethiopia.

Prime Minister Abiy claimed that government forces have inflicted heavy blow against rebel forces involving in the massacre of civilians since the killings of civilians occurred last Tuesday. Video:

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