2nd phase filling of Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam’s reservoir will take place next rainy season – Minister Sileshi Bekele (video)

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Ethiopia’s Minister of Water, Irrigation and Energy Engineer Sileshi Bekele said the second phase of filling the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam’s reservoir will be carried out next July, when the country is due for next rainy season.

The Minister told the state run EBC that the massive dam will also begin generating power with two turbines next August.

The second phase is aimed at collecting 18.4 billion cubic meters of water, up from the 4.9 secured last year from rain and flooding from the Abay river.

Ethiopia earlier said that the dam is expected to take between 5-7 years to fill, and is expected to reach full energy generation capacity by 2023, with generation geared to start as early as January or February 2021.Video:

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