Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed says retaliatory measures are being taken against rebel Oromo Liberation Front

Mereja Media

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said retaliatory measures are being taken against the rebel Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) which massacred scores of people in Ethiopia’s Oromia Regional State.

The remark by the Prime Minister came as he expressed condolence over the death of 28 civilians in ethnically motivated attacks on Tuesday evening in Bone locality, Gambel District, West Wellega zone in the restive Oromia region.

Witnesses and various media outlets claimed 186 ethnic Amhara people including 70 children were shot dead by the rebel force as opposed to the report by the Oromia Police Commission which stated 28 (16 male and 12 female) were killed by the latest attack.

Oromia Police Commissioner Ararrssa Merdassa said the victims were not only ethnic Amhara but also ethnic Oromia and others.

“As the world people are worried by the pandemic, those people who worsen the sufferings of citizens will not have a place in Ethiopia,” Abiy tweeted.

He called on the Ethiopian public to stand in unison and work together with security forces to end the senseless killings.

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