TPLF force inflicted an “overwhelming” blow against Ethiopian National Defense Forces – Getachew Reda (video)

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The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) has inflicted an “overwhelming” blow against the Ethiopian National Defense Forces, pushing the national army to a point where they cannot defend any force alone, executive member of the outlawed TPLF Getachew Reda has said.

In a telephone interview with Tigrai Media House based in Washington, Getachew claimed the Eritrean force will never withdraw from Tigray unless otherwise it is driven out by force. Last weekend, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed announced Eritrea’s decision to withdraw its forces from border areas of Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region.

Getachew said the national army which he referred to as a ‘Prosperity Army’ has been obliterated by TPLF’s force and reached to the point where it cannot stand by itself and without the support of the Eritrean army.

Getachew claimed the decision to withdraw the Eritrean force from Tigray came after Eritrean troops had suffered frequent heavy blows by TPLF forces in Southern Tigray.

He said the TPLF force has killed thousands of Eritrean troops every day and foiled the manhunt which was launched by 23 and 29 divisions of the Ethiopian national army. Video:

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