Forest fire threatening Asebot Monastery, destroying wild-lives and age-old indigenous trees in eastern Ethiopia

Mereja Media

The Asebot Monastery in eastern Ethiopia has been razed by forest fire. According to information from the area, the fire has spread so quickly, nearing to destroy the Monastery.

The forest fire remained to be uncontrollable force despite efforts by Monks and youth who went there from Chiro, Asebe Teferi, Asebot Meeso towns to put the fire under control.

The cause of the fire accident is not known. Head of the West Hararge Diocese of the Ethiopian Church Priest Dereje Berhanu said it was unlikely that the forest fire would be controlled by humans and called for support from the Oromia state’s fire fighting agencies.

The Monastery is home to different wild lives and age-old indigenous trees.

It is to be recalled that Wildfire hit part of Simien Mountains National Park over the weekend, killing endangered species and destroying several hectares of natural forest.

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