At least 20 civilians killed in ongoing attacks by rebel wing of OLF-Shene in Efrata Gedim district of Amhra Region (video)

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At least 20 civilians were killed in ethnically motivated attacks by the rebel wing of Oromo Liberation Front OLF-Shene in Efrata Gidem district of Amhara Regional State.

The attack came after the Amhara Special Force and Militia left the district to defend the possible attacks from the rebel Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) in other parts of the the region.

Residents of the Ataye town said the rebel OLF-Shene or bandits have been engaged in looting of resources including bank robbery.

Deputy head of the Amhara Peace and Security Bureau Commander Mengesha Awraris told EBC that the attack followed death of one person in the district and was backed with heavy weapons from the bandit side.

He said members of the federal force had been deployed in the district but could not stop the attack as they were out numbered by the bandits.

According to the commander, the situation has now been under-control even though residents claimed that Ataye town has fallen under the control of the bandits. Video:

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