Ethiopia accused international aid organizations in Tigray region of facilitating escape for three TPLF officials

Mereja Media

Ethiopia accused international aid organizations of facilitating escape for three officials of the defunct Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) from the restive Tigray region.

The three officials were apprehended trying to cross the border by vehicles of the aid Organizations. “The aid organizations had the escapees issued IDs and other documents as though they were aid workers,” a government official told local media on condition of anonymity.

The fugitive officials, who served as heads of districts in TPLF administration, were apprehended by the commandos of Ethiopia’s National Defence and Federal Police Forces who were patrolling the border area.

The government of Ethiopia neither disclosed  the name of organizations nor list of the officials captured.

Detailed information will be released shortly after investigation on the deceitful acts of the organizations is over, the government official said.

“The government notified headquarters of the organizations about the deceiving acts of their workers,” he added.

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