This year pilgrimage to glorious historical place of Ethiopia, Adwa in Tigray Region disrupted due to security problems

Mereja Media

This year annual trekking, sort of pilgrimage to the glorious historical place of Ethiopia, Adwa in Tigray Regional State of Ethiopia has been disrupted due to security problems.
A group of 120 people a month ago left for Adwa in Ethiopia’s Tigray region where the fighting between Ethiopian freedom fighters and invading Italian forces took place 125 years ago but Tuesday returned to Addis Ababa after covering 600 kilometres out of 1120 kilometres.

Initiated by a visionary young man, Yared Shumete, and his friends, Guzo Adwa is organized as part of the commemoration of Ethiopia’s decisive victory over the invading Italian colonial army on March 2, 1896.

“Gunshots were heard as we walked to Tigray and we witnessed that the war was continuing in the northern part of Ethiopia,” Yared told VoA Amharic Service.

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