NEBE warns disruption of 6th national election due to delay in distribution of election materials (video)

Mereja Media

The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) said it has faced challenges in the distribution of election materials and that could lead to disruption of the 6th Ethiopia’s national election.

In a discussion forum the board held with competing political parties on Tuesday, NEBE Chair Birtukan Mideiessa said the process of candidates’ registration and transportation of election materials are not accomplished as required.

According to the chairperson, the challenge partly is related to security issues as members of the national defense forces are engaged in law enforcement operations in Tigray region and failure of regional states to open the desired number of candidates’ registration offices.

“The board has managed to transport election materials to 673 places so far. It is expected to transport the same to about 50,000 places in the following weeks. The distribution of election materials could be hampered or delayed if concerned stakeholders help us to transport the materials.

She said registration of candidates of political parties has also been delayed due to failure of regional states to open as many required numbers of offices.Video:

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