“Copy–Paste Policies” hindering economic development in Ethiopia – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (video)

Mereja Media

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed says existing government policies are ‘copy-paste ones’ and have hindered economic development in Ethiopia.

Abiy spoke about the policy challenges in Ethiopia while chairing the Council of Ministers’ Meeting in Koisha where his government launched another tourist sites in southern Ethiopia

“Our policies are ‘copy-paste ones’ and with such policies we might meet the interests of others but not ours” the Prime Minister claimed

He said the policies need to consider local knowledge, skills and wisdom to resolve the economic challenges the nation has faced with and help citizens benefit out of them.

Abiy further said that injustice remains to be central problem in Ethiopia where citizens enter into conflicts due to unfair land distribution and boundary and ethnicity matters.

He believes that the justice service in Ethiopia is subjected to corruption wherein suspects are released through bribes and affinity. Video:

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