OLF will take part in next Ethiopian national election – OLF PR Head

Mereja Media

Public Relations Head of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF ) Kejela Merdassa rubbished reports that OLF will not take part in the next Ethiopian national election.

In an interview with Ahadu Radio, Kejela said OLF will take part in June’s polls and it has already launched election campaign as per the time-table of the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia.

Chairperson of the front Dawud Ibsa recently announced OLF’s withdrawal from the election, citing imprisonment of its party’s leaders and members, closure of its offices and restriction of free movements of its members in Oromia region as reasons.

The information trending on social media on withdrawal of OLF from the election was far from the truth, Kejela said.

“Dawud has all the rights to pull himself from the poll but OLF will participate in the election,” Kejela said.

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