World-renowned Ethiopian Dermatologist Dr. Tebebe Yemaneberhan passes away

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World-renowned Ethiopian Dermatologist Dr. Tebebe Yemaneberhan died on Saturday from complications of COVID-19.

Dr. Tibebe’s distinguished careers as a clinician, research scientist and public health manager include decades of running multinational research centers and training institutes, membership in ALERT/AHRI research committees, serving as training coordinator and chief dermatologist, as well as publishing more than 65 scientific writings in internationally reputed journals like Nature.

As a dedicated research scientist and philanthropist, Dr. Yemane was an advocate for the control and elimination of neglected tropical diseases by 2020. He worked for many international organizations, including the WHO, World Bank, British Association of Dermatologists, the American Academy of Dermatology, the International Society of Dermatology, the American Biographical Institute, the International Governors Club, African AIDS Initiative International, Harvard University, W.E.B. Du Bois Institute for Afro-American Research, the African Association of Dermatology and the African Society for Sexual Medicine.

In recognition of his contributions to the fields of dermatology, sexually transmitted diseases and sexual medicine, Dr, Yemane has received numerous awards and distinctions, including World Laureate of the American Biographical Institute, the American Order of Excellence, the Nobel Order of International Ambassadors’ Award, the International Order of Merit, Life Patron of the International Biographical Institute, co-chairperson and speaker at the World Congress of Dermatology in Vancouver, Canada and the Pushkin Medal awarded by President of the Russian Federation Vladimir V. Putin. He was also named Ambassador of Grand Eminence by the American Biographical Institute and awarded the Da Vinci Diamond, the highest recognition bestowed by the organization.

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