Ethiopia’s government reshuffled officials of Metekel zone as part of operation to end ethnically motivated attacks (video)

Mereja Media

The government of Ethiopia has reshuffled officials of the Metekel zone administration in the Benishangul Gumuz Regional State as part of an operation to end ethnically motivated attacks in the region.

The state-run Metekel Integrated Task-force, which is enforcing law and order in the zone, carried out the reshuffling and declared a new administration in which members of different ethnic groups are represented.

The task force that comprises of high ranking officials from the government and national army fully commenced its law enforcement operation late December last year after more than 1000 ethnic Amhara, Agew Shinisha people were massacred in different districts of the zone.

Coordinator of the Task-force Lieutenant General Asrat Denero said the previous administration particularly its security wing was made up of members drawn from one ethnic group and that gravely contributed to unfolding ethnic based attacks in the region.Video

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