Power outage occurred once again in Tigray after TPLF destroyed electricity infrastructures for 2nd time – EEP

Mereja Media

Power outage has occurred once again in Tigray Regional State of Ethiopia after remnants of the rebel Tigray People’s Liberation Front(TPLF) destroyed the state’s electric power network, according to the Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP).  

The power outrage was the result of deliberate attacks on a major power grid which supplies electricity to various towns and cities including to Alamata, Mehoni and Mekelle cities, EEP said in a statement. 

Retreating force of TPLF had destroyed the same power network in November last year as the federal troops advanced to the state’s capital, Mekelle as the last destination to end what the government called  a ‘law enforcement operation’ in the state. 

EEP said it was repairing the damaged power net work to restore electric power service in the state.

EEP last week said TPLF had caused over 240 million Birr damage on electricity infrastructures in Tigray Regional State during the law enforcement operation.

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