War is going on; about 100,000 Ethiopian and Eritrean troops are killed – Getachew Reda (video)

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War is going on between forces of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and the government forces of Ethiopia along with Eritrean troops in different war fronts in Tigray region.

That is according to Getachew Reda, a former communications minister in a telephone interview with Tigray Media House on Tuesday, February 16, 2021.

According to him, the government continued to record heavy losses in terms of fighters and as many as 100,000 troops of the federal government and that of Eritrea have been killed since the war broke out in November last year.

“As I speak, the fighting is continuing and enemy forces are being routed in different war fronts” he said adding TPLF forces destroyed two regiments of the enemy force in a day.

Addis Ababa last November said the operation to dislodge the TPLF and restore law and order operation in the region is over with the capture of the regional capital Mekelle by federal forces.

“It is a mere wish of Abiy Ahmed that the war with TPLF was over. No single day has passed without fighting in which thousands of young people died every day,” he said

“Majority of the federal troops were killed after Abiy claimed the war was over. Very young Amhara soldiers as young as 17 years old were killed by mortar fired from TPLF forces, Getachew claimed.
He said one Brigade of Eritrea army is entirely engaged in robbery.

Getachew has belittled the role played by Berhanu Jula as Chief of the Ethiopian Defense Forces. He said Berhanu Jula does not have the moral ground to claim he led the war, stating that Eritrean Military Generals have been leading the war since the war started.

“Our priority is to free Tigray from invading forces of Abiy and Issias Afeworki and once Tigray is freed, let the people of Tigray decide on future fate of Tigray,” Getachew added. Video:

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