Supporters of TPLF in US are raising money to launch war against Ethiopia- Journalist Araya Tesfamariam

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Supporters of TPLF in the United States are raising money to launch war against Ethiopia, a prominent journalist Araya Tesfamariam has said.

In an interview with local media Araya said those Tigrayan people, who are protesting against the Ethiopian government in the US, do not care about the lives and well being of the people in Tigray but aspire to reclaim power in Ethiopia at the expense of the lives of sons and daughters of the poor Tigrayan mothers.

“They said in black and white that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed take care of the Tigray people requiring food  aid. There is no enemy for the people of Tigray more than TPLF and the people around it,” Araya said

Araya believes that those Tigrayans, who are organizing the protest in the US, are relatives of TPLF officials.  Some of whom had been receiving up to 7000 US dollars every two weeks as endowment from the Ethiopian Embassy in the US while TPLF was in power.  

“They staged an anti-government protest in the US because the payment was halted. Otherwise, they do not care at all about the people of Tigray,”  Arya claimed. Five years ago, residents of Adi Daro town in Tigray held a demonstration demanding a TPLF security official, who allegedly raped 40 girls in the town,be brought to justice. TPLF did not let him face justice but transferred him to Mekelle, capital of Tigray. Those Tigrayans who were in the US or other countries did say nothing about the victims” he said.

Arya also challenged the recent statement released by the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) regarding the rape cases in Tigray region. According to EHRC’s statement, 108 women were raped in Tigray based on interviews it conducted with health professionals in the region.

“It was erroneous for the commission to release a statement without verifying the information while it is not known if the health professionals were TPLF affiliated ,” he said.

Arya claimed 90 percent of the Tigray regional state is peaceful even though remnant members of TPLF continue to kill members of the Prosperity Party and threaten local people to refuse food aid being provided by the government.

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