“You were discarded and subjected to imposition” – PM Abiy tells the people in Wellega (video)

Mereja Media

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said the people of Wellega were discarded and subjected to imposition during the previous regimes.

The premier made the remark while inaugurating the 60km Shambu-Bako asphalt road project in Wellega zone in Oromia regional state of western Ethiopia.

He said the people of Wellega and surrounding areas were neglected from the fruits of development the nation have enjoyed in the past years.

“You were discarded and subjected to imposition. You have been giving lights to other parts of Ethiopia while you were left in dark,” he told the Wellega people who were attending the inaugural ceremony of the road project.

“Roads have been built in other parts of the country with the loan the nation borrowed from international lenders. The people of Wellega have paid the loans even though no road was constructed in their vicinity. They have been helping the nation earn foreign currency from the export of their coffee but they do not have clean water to drink. We are constructing the road just because you deserved it,” he said.

In a related development, the Prime Minister also laid a cornerstone for the construction of 110km Ambo-Guder and Shenen-Seyo road projects that will be built with an out lay of 4.6 billion birr. Video:

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