Residents of Mekelle, other major towns hold a ‘Stay at Home’ protest

Mereja Media

Residents of Mekelle, capital of the Tigray regional state reportedly have held a ‘Stay at Home’protest for undisclosed reasons.

According to DW Amharic Service, public servants and business owners have joined the stay- at -home campaign while transporters including Taxi drivers have held strikes since Thursday.

The ‘Stay at Home’ protest which is a kind of general strike began on Wednesday in Mekelle and is spreading in other major towns of the region  including in Axum, Shire, Wukro and Adigrat towns.

The objective of the protest is not disclosed though according to DW report it is linked to humanitarian situations, alleged sexual abuse and deployment of Eritrean troops who are accused of looting resources and sexual harassment.

Tigray’s interim administration has warned public servants and employees of financial institutions to get back to their jobs though it remains futile.

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