Ethiopia rejects EU’s concern over humanitarian situation in Tigray region

Mereja Media

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia has rejected concerns by European Union (EU) that “there is tragic humanitarian crisis in Tigray region.”

EU’s statements not only failed to reflect the reality on the ground but also turned a blind eye to the efforts exerted by the Government to address the pressing humanitarian needs of the people in the region, the Ministry said on Wednesday in a statement.

“In what seems an unchanging tone since the Ethiopian Government has launched the law enforcement operation, the EU Commission’s statements have either ignored or failed the need to recognize from the start the overall objective of the operation and continued to project unbalanced and overrated view of the situation,” the statement noted.

“While the Government ensures all people in need of humanitarian assistance are properly provided with the necessary supplies, it has never failed in its responsibility to investigate the human rights violations committed during the law enforcement operation against the TPLF and bring those who were involved and perpetrators harboured these criminals to justice. Such investigations have also been carried out by an independent human rights commission in the country whose findings and that of the Government are now made publicly available,” the statement continued.

According to the statement, the Ethiopian Government does not think the High Representative of the EU was unaware of this fact. A number of Eritrean refugees have been relocated to other camps that host Eritrean refugees while the others were disbursed in Addis Ababa, Tigray and Amhara regions.

The High Representative’s allegation against Ethiopia in this regard does not take into account Ethiopia’s internationally acclaimed commitment to protecting and even expanding the rights of about one million refugees from 27 different countries, the statement added.

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