Biden restores Obama’s disastrous policy on Ethiopia

The Administration of former President Barack Obama had been a close ally of the now-deposed ethnic apartheid regime in Ethiopia. President Obama falsely declared the TPLF regime “democratically elected” when he visited Ethiopia in 2015. The TPLF regime collapsed right after Obama left office.

[ Antony Blinken with Biden and TPLF lobbyist Susan Rice ]

With the election of Obama’s Vice President Joe Biden as President now, the U.S. Government is trying to restore its relationship with TPLF, even though TPLF is now outlawed in Ethiopia and many of its leaders have been arrested or killed in battle with the Ethiopian government.

Biden’s Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who served as Deputy Secretary of State under Obama’s Administration, is pushing unsubstantiated stories about what is going on in the Tigray Region of Ethiopia in an apparent effort to rescue TPLF.

In a statement to the United States Senate, Mr. Blinken said that “we have seen a number of deeply, deeply concerning atrocities directed at both people in Tigray, directed at Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia, I think we need to see much greater access to the region, accountability.” Mr. Blinken has failed to point out that the crisis in Tigray can be mitigated if the U.S. Government assists Ethiopia in bringing TPLF leaders to justice and break up TPLF’s international financial network that is funding the chaos in Ethiopia.

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