Ethiopia says Sudan declines to attend trilateral talks on Nile dam

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Ethiopia says Sudan did not attend the trilateral talks on the filling and operation of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) which was scheduled for Monday.

Accordingly, the GERD talks which resumed on Sunday has been suspended due to Sudan’s failure to show up at the meeting, Ethiopia’s Ministry of Water and Irrigation and Energy said in a statement..

The AU mediated talks was supposed to be held among Water Ministers of Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt under the chairmanship of Ethiopia.

In a statement issued late Monday, Sudan said it will not take part in direct talks with Egypt and Ethiopia on GERD talks. It claimed the negotiations should be held with African Union mediation.

“Based on the outcomes of the ministerial meeting between the three countries held on Sunday, Sudan has submitted a request to hold a meeting with the AU experts and monitors,” Sudan’s Water Resources and Irrigation Ministry said in a statement.

“Instead of a reply to this request, Sudan received an invitation for a direct tripartite meeting, so it has expressed its reservations over participating in this meeting.”

The Sudanese ministry stressed that all future talks must proceed with AU mediation.

Sudan once again expressed its stance the GERD talks should be processed under the AU brokerage to reach a binding and satisfactory legal agreement for the three parties.

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