Ethiopia threatens counter action against Sudan over military incursion

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Ethiopia has threatened a counter action against Sudan over ‘major incursion’ into its territory that led to ’killing of civilians and displacement of hundreds of farmers.

Briefing journalists on Tuesday, Spokesperson of the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dina Mufti said the Sudanese military crossed the border into Ethiopia’s territory, seized lands and caused lots of damages.

“Ethiopia is ready to defend its sovereignty Dina said adding the Ethiopian Government will strengthen its ongoing efforts to peacefully resolve the border issue with the Sudan.

The spokesperson blamed the Sudanese force for establishing wrong calculation that Ethiopia cannot take actions for being busy dealing with internal conflicts.

“The Ethiopian defense forces is ready to defend the sovereignty of the nation any time” the spokesperson stressed.

“The gov’t is closely following the incident with the local militia on the Ethio-Sudan border,” Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said last week on his official Twitter account.

“Such incidents will not break the bond b/n our two countries as we always use dialogue to resolve issues,” Abiy said in his tweet, referring to previous clashes.

Despite ease of tension along the border now, the government will reinforce its efforts to peacefully resolve the problem, said Ambassador Dina.

He said Ethiopia has no interest to enter into war with Sudan in the border conflict masterminded by conflict profiteers.

However, “it is impossible to say that some Sudanese Government officials are not involved in the problem,” Dina added.

Nearly 2000 farmers have been displaced after the Sudanese army took control of their agricultural land and looted resources in western Ethiopia.

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