At least 13 civilians killed in ethnically motivated attacks in Horo Gudru Zone of western Ethiopia

Mereja Media

At least 13 civilians were ruthlessly killed on Sunday in ethnically motivated attacks by the rebellious Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) in Jardega Jarte district, Horo Gudru Zone of western Ethiopia.

The Horo-Gudru Zone in western Oromia last week witnessed gruesome killings of another 19 ethnic Amhara and Oromo civilians in targeted attacks by members of the rebel force otherwise called ‘OLF Shene.’

“The gunmen have attacked civilians of ethnic Amhara community and killed them using “daggers and bullets,” residents of the zone told Amhara TV.

According to eyewitnesses, the majority of the victims were members of two families and the death toll could be higher as an unspecified number of people were missing.

Amhara militiamen had fought bravely with the armed men but could not withstand as the attackers opened fire from multiple directions, the witnesses added.

The majority of the victims reportedly were women and children.

“We have communicated to the Jardega Jarte district administration that members of the rebel OLF-Shene had been meeting from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM in the area ahead of the attack,” the witnesses recalled.

“The administration, however, turned deaf ears to our repeated calls for help,” said the witnesses who also accused members of the Special Police Force in the area of collaborating with attackers.

Meanwhile, Kumssa Driba- nicked named Jal Mero, leader of the OLF-Shene reportedly killed in an attack in Gidami district, Kelem Wellega Zone of western Ethiopia.

Zonal Police Commander, Inspector Zelalem Nememsa on Monday confirmed the death of Jal Mero and 108 of his troops as well as the arrest of 395 others, including Jal Geda, Jal Mero’s accomplice.

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