Ethiopia offers 10mln birr reward to capture TPLF officials

Ethiopia has announced a 10 million birr reward for the capture of high-level officials of the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) in Tigray region.

“Individuals who can give tips that would enable the national defense force or federal police apprehend the TPLF officials would be awarded 10 million birr, Lieutenant General Asrat Denero, Information Department Head of the National Defense Force has disclosed.

The pledge is part of the government’s plan to hunt down the TPLF leaders at the shortest time possible, said Lieutenant General Asrat who also announced free call through which informers can contact members of security forces.

The federal police have been man hunting the TPLF leaders since the federal army took control of Mekele city in late November, but information has been released yet if any of the wanted officials were apprehended.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed told the national parliament recently that he saw TPLF leaders fleeing from what he called ‘situation room’ in Addis Ababa at Agereselam town, few kilometers northeast of Mekele.

“Federal air force did not bombard them because ‘members of the Junta’ were running away along with their wives and children,” Abiy told the MPs

The Ethiopian Federal Police issued arrest warrants on No 1 wanted Debretsion Gebremichael, former President of the Tigray region, and more than 150 others. The majority of them are army generals and military officers who were accused of committing treason.

Handful TPLF leaders including former speaker of the House of Federation, Keria Ibrahim and member of the House of People’s Representatives Addisalem Balema have been arrested so far.

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