Hundreds of Amharas in Wollega Zone mascaraed by gunmen

Eyewitnesses are reporting this morning that over two hundred people from the Amhara ethnic group in Wollega Zon, Oromia Region, were rounded up by several heavily armed gunmen and shot to death. Reportedly, the gunmen opened fire on the helpless civilians after they gathered them in a school.

According to eyewitnesses, the gunmen showed up right after a military contingent that was protecting the area left even though the residents begged them not to leave.

The Wollega massacre is the third one that has targeted the Amhara ethnic group over the past few months. Last month, several Amhara civilians were brutally murdered in Metekel Zone in western Ethiopia, and Gura Ferda, southern Ethiopia.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration has been criticized for doing practically nothing to stop the pogroms against Amhara civilians. In fact, some government officials such as Oromia Region President Shimelis Abdissa are said to be responsible for using inciteful words.

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