ESAT discontinues satellite broadcast due to shortage of funds [video]

ESAT announced yesterday that it has discontinued its satellite broadcast to Ethiopia. The announcement was made on ESAT’s Eletawi, a daily news analysis program. One of the hosts, Sisay Agena, said after 10 years of service ESAT is forced to stop satellite transmission due to lack of funds.

Over the past two years, ESAT has lost a large number of its supporters and subscribers when it started to pan critics of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government. A former ESAT executive who wishes to remain anonymous, however, told that the main source of ESAT’s troubles is mismanagement more than lack of funds.

Earlier this year, the ESAT board of directors appointed Andargachew Tsige as the chief executive officer.

Despite ESAT’s mistakes in appearing to be a cheerleader to the Ethiopian government, its disappearance from the air is a big loss to Ethiopia and the burgeoning Ethiopian media.

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