Eskinder Nega holds meetings with U.S. and United Nations officials

(Washington Update) – Thousands of Ethiopians this month have attended town hall meetings organized by Addis Ababa Balderas support group in Washington DC, Minneapolis, Dallas, Houston, Oakland, and Seattle and to discuss their outrage over human rights abuses in Ethiopia.

In Washington DC, Eskinder briefed reporters at the National Press Club about the current political situation in his country, including the upcoming elections.

Eskinder also led a delegation composed of Prof. Getatchew Haile, Wzr. Tsigereda Mulugeta and others in a meeting with United Nations officials in New York.

Ato Mesfin Mekonen and Eskinder met with State Department officials and senior staff of the Africa subcommittee of the U.S. Congress in Washington DC.

In all of his meetings, Eskinder delivered a resolution passed by a town hall meeting he attended in Washington DC.

The resolution holds some government officials accountable for crimes committed by a tribal extremist group that calls itself Qerro.