Abiy Ahmed – Ethiopia’s indispensable leader


For over 4o years Ethiopians suffered from the stupidity and brutality of Mengistu Hailemariam and Meles Zenawi. They turned Ethiopia into a hell on earth for most of the people. Finally, in April 2018, nothing short of a miracle occurred: an enlightened and a humane leader risen from obscurity to bring incredible changes in just a few months. To mention a few of the main changes he undertook:

1. Emptied Ethiopian prisons from political prisoners
2. Removed most restrictions on free speech and the media
3. Helped unite the Orthodox Church, one of Ethiopia’s main religions
4. Opened up the political space in the country like never before in the history of Ethiopia

Most importantly, he is preaching Ethiopian unity to young Ethiopians who have been brain-washed by TPLF-OLF politicians to hate their country.

By taking the above measures, Abiy has saved Ethiopia from a bloody civil war.

Unfortunately, the same political organizations and politicians who have benefited from the opening up of the political space in Ethiopia are working day and night to make the country ungovernable for him by inciting ethnic and religious conflicts on a daily bases.

Oromo, Tigrean and Amhara tribalists are spoiling to fight each other after getting rid of Abiy. They are lusting for blood and ethnic dominance in the name of working for the benefit of their “subjugated” ethnic groups. Indeed, tribalism is a disease.

Hopefully, Ethiopians will reject tribalists and rally around Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to protect and defend Ethiopian unity. He is currently an indispensable leader to promote Ethiopia’s unity and put the country on the path of genuine democracy. Consider the alternatives before wishing the fall of Abiy.

The Prime Minister has made his own share of mistakes and blunders, significant of which is surrounding himself with incompetent people who are unable to articulate and carry out his reform agenda.