Birtukan Mideksa’s dangerous decision

Hana Belay

National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) is responsible to handle and execute national elections and related issues such as referendums in Ethiopia. The board is established as having its own legal personality as an autonomous organ independent from the influence of any government or other bodies. After the board was re-established in February 2019 the former lawyer and politician Birtukan Mideksa were assigned by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Dr) to lead the board.

This news discusses issues raised by the board on their press conference last Wednesday, September 4, 2019. Birtukan said at the conference that the board is ready to handle the upcoming national election and the referendum on the Sidama zone of SNNPR. Journalists Ermias Legesse and Habtamu Ayalew of Ethio 360 and Sisay Agena of ESAT shared their critical comments on their respective programs about the things raised on the conference and related political issues.