Preparations underway to celebrate Irecha holiday in Addis Ababa

Hana Belay

Irreecha is the thanksgiving holiday of the Oromo people in Ethiopia. The Oromo people celebrate Irreecha to thank Waaqa (God) for the blessings and mercies they have received throughout the previous year. The thanksgiving is celebrated at the sacred grounds of Hora Harsadi (Lake Harsadi), Bishoftu, Oromia. The Irreecha festival is celebrated every year at the beginning of Birraa (Spring), new season after the dark and rainy winter season. Irreecha is celebrated in the east shewa zone and around the world where diaspora Oromos live especially North America and Europe.

This year’s Irreecha will be celebrated in the capital Addis Ababa for the first time in reports this news. According to the celebration committee members, there will be more than 10 million people who will participate on the holiday.