Discussion with religious scholar Aba Woldetinsae – Addis Dimts on Mereja TV

Hana Belay

Addis Dimts has been on the air since 1998 from Washington DC every Sunday. The show hosted by Abebe Belew is a popular platform for all issues concerned with Ethiopia. The show invites guests respectively to the topic at hand, and Abebe Belew never fails to host an appealing talk show. In today’s segment, Addis Dimts is live with religious scholar Aba Woldetinsae. The reform movement led by PM Abiy Ahmed cast a very promising atmosphere on Ethiopia’s socio-political reality. Moreover, the regime proclaimed a national peace and reconciliation, allowing several political parties and individual activists to struggle peacefully inside their country.  However, these privileges turned out to be chaos and cause for the death and mobilizations of hundreds of thousands of people across the country. Regarding the resolution of these issues, a religious scholar Aba Woldetinsae underlined a notable comment.