Col. Demeke Zewdu denounces the late Gen. Asaminew Tsige’s action

Melat Mulugeta

Colonel Demeke Zewdu was the chairman Wolkait Identity question committee who strongly opposed the imposition of Tigre identity on Wolkait. He was imprisoned in 2016 and was released on February 19, 2018. Upon his release, he thanked Fano, the Amhara youth movement. The same youth General Asaminew Tsige had been supporting since his reinstatement. The attempted coup that led to the accusation of the general of conspiring created a countrywide debate. Due to the lack of information from more than one source, people have been divided on the agenda, and many have spoken on the matter. Adding to that list is Colonel Demeke’s comment on the alleged actions of General Asaminew Tsige.