Wektawi Gudayoch on Mereja TV – 24 May 2019

Melat Mulugeta

Wektawi Gudayoch on Mereja TV is a daily program on Mereja TV where journalists and invited guests to discuss events and affairs happening in Ethiopia recently. In today’s segment, in-house journalists Abebe Zenebe, Addisalem Abebe, and Fasil Aregay with economics expert Tarekegn Newt, a lecturer at St. Mary University, discuss Abay Tsehaye’s statement on what caused the turmoil in Ethiopia for the last three years, the debate fueling between ESAT and Ginbot 7 following Ephrem Madebo’s accusation, the arrest of  Koyisha Powerplant employees and Human Rights Commission’s response, and the false news that circulated about Artist Dawit Alemayehu.