The election board does not have the authority to extend the upcoming elections – Soliyana Shimelis

Melat Mulugeta

During his inauguration speech on April 2018, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed announced that strengthening the democratic system in Ethiopia was part of the reform he had planned. The 2020 national election is the most anticipated event in the next step of Ethiopia’s democracy. Unlike previous elections, this election is risky as the result or procedures of the election decides the country’s future. It can serve as the first step to a significant democratic transition in Ethiopia’s political history or unprecedented aftermath of dictatorship that is worse than before. In order to avoid such consequences, there has been a debate on whether or not to postpone the national election. The concerns are valid considering the recent safety and security turmoil Ethiopia is in. so far, no governmental body has commented on any schedules change of the upcoming elections. Soliyana Shimelis, Ethiopian Election Board spokesperson, discusses the issue of an interview with VOA Amharic.