Balderas Council visits Abdul Qadir mosque community

Melat Mulugeta

Abdul Qadir mosque, located in Akaki Kality, the outskirts of Addis Ababa, has been providing service for more than 20 years and has a growing number of worshipers. In order to accommodate the additional members, the mosque applied for a plot of land to expand three years ago, and the administration has been processing the administration. However, the police forces of the area also wanted to build an office on the same land. Despite the mosque’s earlier request, the police challenged the request and demanded the land. Rather than waiting for the proper legal proceedings, the police attacked the Muslim community leaving more than 10 people with serious injuries and more with minor injuries. According to the Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council Addis Ababa office,  this is not the first time that the city’s administration has taken forceful and unlawful measures on mosques and the Muslim community. Baladera Council visited the community in Abdul Qadir mosque today and expressed their sympathy for the wounded.