ADP shouldn’t blame OLF for their fault – Bri. General Kemal Gelchu

Melat Mulugeta

Brigadier General Kemal Gelchu had been appointed as chief of Oromia Security Administration Bureau for a few months after he returned from exile. Although he was qualified personnel for the position, he was removed from his post by the order of Oromia regional president Lemma Megersa. In an interview with Mereja TV, General Kemal Gelchu discussed his plans in politics. The general has already begun progress with his party United Oromia Party (UPO). When asked about what his party’s stand on the ownership claims of Addis Ababa, he refused to disclose as the party considers the issue of unnecessary propaganda. He also discussed the recent turmoil in Northern Shewa and condemned ODP’s strategy to blame OLF.