Mayor Takele Uma and Journalist Eskinder Nega meet to discuss Addis Ababa

Melat Mulugeta

Baladera Council was established as a custodian council for Addis Ababa following the community’s outcry for a qualified representative. The council became a necessity after many politicians and groups began battling for ownership claims over the capital disregarding the residents’ opinions. The council seems to proceed at a steady pace in organizing different members of the city. However, their progress hit a snag when authorities, without any justification, banned one of Baladera’s council meetings. There were also allegations that the acting mayor didn’t take kindly to the council’s movement either. In order to sort out the matter, Baladera Council’s chairman journalist and human right activist Eskinder Nega and acting mayor Takele Uma sat down for a discussion. Mereja TV reached out to Eskinder Nega for a report on the results of the meeting.