Ethiopia gets its first female superhero in comic book

Kwao Saa

A comic has featured an Ethiopian female superhero for the first time.

Hawi depicted a female superhero named Ement Legesse in one of its recent releases. In the comic book, Ement is a young woman living in American with her mother.

According to the storyline, Ement Legesse pushes her mother to visit Ethiopia. Her mother was not pleased with the idea initially but later agreed. When they visit, Ement’s mother is abducted.

“The fact that Hawi is Ethiopian means a lot to me,” 29-year-old Beserat Debebe, the creator of the comic book and founder of Etian Comics, said. He added that it is important for there to be Ethiopian and African superheroes.

“I wish I had seen an Ethiopian superhero growing up,” Debebe said. “I would have embraced my ability to make a difference earlier and acted on it.” […] CONTINUE READING