Ejjetto calls for workers strike in Hawassa

Melat Mulugeta

Ejjetto is Sidama’s revolutionary youth movement fighting following in the footsteps of Qeerroo. Ejjetto main goal is to secure Sidama’s right to self-governance. Ethiopia’s federal constitution provides for unconditional self-determination including secession for communities that share a large measure of language, culture or other traits and inhabit the same territory. Sidama’s Ejjetto has called for many social strikes that have been making headlines. Recent violence in Hawassa has also led to a substantial decline in the town’s tourism flow.

On Tuesday, Ejjetto announced workers strike in Hawassa from March 12-14 demanding for Sidama’s right to self-governance. The strike also came with a warning to any business or person who wouldn’t obey to the announcement. The strike followed Ejjetto’s plan to open Sidama Media Network (SMN) on their official Facebook page. The group expressed their gratitude to the people of Sidama and Oromo, Qeerroo, Jawar Mohammed, Oromia Media Network, and Sidama Administrative Officials for their support for SMN.