Authorities open investigation into the cause of Ethiopian Airlines crash

Kwao Saa

An investigation is underway to determine what made an Ethiopian Airlines’ Boeing 737 Max-8 plane crash just six minutes after it took off from the Addis Ababa International Airport.

All the passengers aboard the Ethiopian Airlines jet died following a crash. About 149 passengers and eight crew members aboard flight ET302 have been confirmed dead. The flight was heading from Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa to Kenya’s capital Nairobi.

Reports indicate that there were Kenyans, Ethiopians, Americans, Egyptians, and some British citizens aboard the flight.

Ethiopian Airlines said the cause of the plane crash is currently unknown. However, there are reports that the pilot was experiencing difficulties and had asked for permission to return to Addis Ababa before the crash occurred.

“At this stage, we cannot rule out anything,” Ethiopian Airlines CEO Tewolde Gebremariam said. “We cannot also attribute the cause to anything because we will have to comply with the international regulation to wait for the investigation.” […] CONTINUE READING