Mereja TV journalists detained by police and attacked in Legetafo town, Ethiopia

A Mereja TV reporter and a cameraman have been detained by Legetafo Police in the suburb of Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa and after they were let go, they were attacked in front of the police station by a mob of 10 – 20 youths while the police looked on. The cameraman, Habtamu Oda, has been able to escape with minor injuries, but journalist Fasil Aregay had to be hospitalized after losing consciousness.

Journalist Fasil received treatment at a hospital

The journalists went to Legetafo town to interview some of the thousands of residents whose homes were demolished by the Oromia Region Administration. The police confiscated their camera and phones, according to Mereja TV general manager Frezer Ngash Tura.

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