ODP doubles down on the displacement of Legetafo town residents


Legetafo town Mayor Habiba Siraj, a member of the ruling Oromo Democratic Party (ODP), has doubled down today on her inhumane action of making 60,000 children, women and elderly people homeless by continuing to claim that their homes were built illegally. The residents dispute Habiba’s claim, presenting documents that their homes were built legally. But even if they were not, nothing justifies demolishing homes on helpless children and elderly people and forcing them into a life of homelessness. Mayor Habiba’s dastardly action did not even spare domestic animals that were crushed to death by Habiba’s bulldozers. Today, ODP officials and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s spokesperson Nigusu Tilahun have visited Legetafo, but they have not given any assurance that the homes of the remaining residents would not be demolished and that those residents who have already been made homeless would be provided with homes. Nigusu Tilahun’s statement today is bereft of any sympathy for his fellow citizens who have been turned into refugees in their own country for no good reason. The following report was filed by ETV from Legetafo: