Mereja TV special: Red Cross emergency call response

Melat Mulugeta

Ethiopian Red Cross Society (ERCS) Ambulance and First Aid services delivery began in 1952 G.C in Addis Ababa. Ethiopian Red Cross Society services are now available in all areas of Ethiopia. Ethiopian Red Cross Society has developed its own Ambulance Management Manual and constantly works to increase emergency response capacity. ERCS provides 24 hours free of charge service supported by trained youth and professional volunteers.
ERCS has 215 Ambulance stations and 308 Ambulance vehicles. It has the capacity to deliver services to more than 300,000 beneficiaries annually. ERCS is working to transform from emergency transport service to coordinated pre-hospital emergency ambulance service by deploying professional volunteers and equip ambulance vehicles with basic service delivery materials.
Mereja TV joined ERCS emergency response team to show what the procedures are for responding to emergency after it has been called in.