Nationality politics is politics of being a human – Abebe Belew

Melat Mulugeta

Abebe Belew is the symbol of pride for all journalists fighting for unity in Ethiopia. He is one of the few that persevered through the previous era. He has been fighting for a better Ethiopia for so long with remarkable persistence and has an outstanding legacy in the journalism world. He was one of the founding members and spokesman of ESAT. He is highly known for hosting the radio program Addis Dimts. The show has been airing every Sunday from Washington DC since 1998.

Abebe is known for his strong political convictions that never wavered in time. His political views put him in crosshairs with the autocratic TPLF rule. He was sentenced to fifteen years in prison in his absence and couldn’t set foot in Ethiopia. After PM Dr. Abiy Ahmed waved trumped up charges on journalists, Abebe Belew returned to Ethiopia.

Mereja TV sat down with Abebe Belew to discuss his views about Ethiopia’s present and future politics, TPLF, and his struggle throughout the years. Watch Abebe Belew’s spectacular stay with Mereja TV.